About Us

At Treescapes Corp., no quote or job will be overseen or completed by anyone but a certified arborist. To become a certified arborist one must attend a recognized college and complete the ‘Urban Arboriculture’ program. Once this is completed, an exam provided by the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities must be completed with a 70% as a minimum to pass. The ISA certification exam basically mirrors this one.

What all this amounts to is that the person who initially meets with you to discuss your concerns and the foreman who completes your job, has in depth knowledge of pruning techniques, insects and disease, tree physiology, soils, climbing and rigging practices, safety standards and all associated machinery/equipment. We will not tell you to cut a tree down if its health can be regained via pruning, fertilizing and an irrigation plan. We will not tell you an insect or disease has taken over your tree if it has simply turned orange from sun exposure, lack of water or excess salt from a snowplow. We understand trees, we respect trees and it shows in the way we conduct our business. Having said all that, if you want us to cut a tree down that is also our specialty.

We have $5,000,000 liability coverage and WSIB coverage for all employees. We can provide proof of both when requested.

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