Tree Cabling

This refers to the tying of one potentially unhealthy or unsafe portion of a tree to a healthy and sturdy part of the same tree using either two lag bolts and a steel cable or a dynamic rope system. The idea is that if the potentially risky part gives way, it will not fall before it can be safely dismantled. The bolts and steel cable are referred to as a rigid system and rightly so. Because the cable is bolted into the wood of the tree it does not allow for movement and growth without constant adjustment. The dynamic rope system, although slightly more expensive does not require drilling into the wood and allows for movement and growth with minimal adjustment. Overall, the dynamic system is better because it allows the tree to carry on as it would swaying in the wind and adding support wood where it senses weakness. Basically the rigid cable system takes over for the tree where as the dynamic rope system is only relied on when a failure occurs.

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