All services include a complete clean up. This involves a thorough rake up of the work area. Anything moved prior to the job will also be put back to original location. Our goal is to leave the property in equal or better shape than it was in before we arrived.

Taking down of a tree in its entirety. This includes all brush, limb wood and trunk down to the stump but not including the stump.

This may refer to the removal of branches that have grown into unsafe areas, such as hydro lines, driveways, walkways or a neighbours’ property...

This involves reducing and sculpting a hedge’s overall size and shape to improve air circulation and appearance. Periodic maintenance can take a raggedy...

If a tree has become so overgrown with branches that neither sun nor wind can penetrate its outer canopy, then it may need some thinning.

Dead wooding is pretty self-explanatory. It simply involves removing any dead branches or limbs that are on an otherwise healthy tree.

If the customer would like to keep the wood and/or brush removed from a tree they can request it.

This refers to the tying of one potentially unhealthy or unsafe portion of a tree to a healthy and sturdy part of the same tree.

Pretty self-explanatory. You pick an area and we clear it of all trees and shrubs. Removal of debris is again up to the customer.

The removal of a stump is done by grinding it out bit by bit using a stump grinder.

In some cases the client would prefer the use of a crane to better protect what may be under the tree, such as a house, deck, greenhouse or other structure

Many clients are starting to want some of their trees milled into live edge slabs or even lumber.

We have 2 certified arborists that can provide arborist reports.

If a client wishes to remove a tree themselves but would like us to clean up the mess we can do that.

Almost every ailing tree will require fertilizing to help it regain it's health.

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